Fishing @ Northwest Angle 2018

Written By: Ruthie Finney

Every summer my parents go fishing at the Northwest Angle with a big group of friends. Guides are essential if you wish to catch quality and quantity, and they’ve immensely enjoyed their fishing trips with the Edman Brothers the last nine years. ( )

This summer they decided it was time the whole family went up there. Not being an avid fisher-women myself, I didn’t know if I would love the experience, but it was definitely something I want to do again. Not only did we catch 275 fish in two days, but we got to  explore two of the beautiful islands. Our fishing guides made an awesome dinner for us as well: fresh fried Walleye (regular and Cajun style), wild rice, corn, baked beans, coffee, fried potatoes, and FRANCH!!! (Frank’s Hot Sauce with Ranch is the best thing to eat with fish!!) They said we had a family record of fish eaten, believe it or not ;).