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Gilbert is my little ray of sunshine. He’s from Penny & Little Man’s litter in 2019! He’s been with me almost a year and a half and I can not express the joy he’s brought me. He always has me laughing and I actually can not believe how stinkin’ cute he is! He matured at 17.5 lbs of fluff and is the perfect size! Shannon had him delivered to me via plane on Ruthie’s lap from MN to CA. Their puppy nanny service was amazing! One day when I get a bigger home, I’ll be getting another Finney Ranch pup 🤪

I am SO thankful for Finney Ranch! Shannon and her family are so genuine and sweet and they raise the same type of pups. I also used the puppy nanny service and Ruthie was amazing! She flew all the way to California for me with Gilbert on her lap, dropped him off and flew back in the same day. I am also just so surprised at how loving, well behaved, and funny my dog is. If you’re thinking about getting a puppy from them, this is your sign to do it!!

Erika R.

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

I wanted to reach out and tell you how amazing Mylo is (Sauger). From the start you guys were so helpful, even with the simplest questions I had. Throughout the process I felt that you guys cared about my concerns and wanted to help with anything. It was amazing how cooperative you guys are especially when it came to the day I’d get to take Mylo home!

When it comes to Mylo himself he is a very outgoing dog. He listens so well, trains so easily & he has the GREATEST personality. He seriously talks to you, it is so stinking funny and cute! Potty training with him was a breeze. He caught on so fast; it only took a few months for him to be fully trained. I highly highly recommend getting a dog from Finney Ranch. Mylo was my first pet and I DO NOT regret it. The experience in all was amazing and my dog itself is amazing!

Lakyn A.

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We love our sweet Diggs (aka Cordarrelle from Winnie and Little Man Nov 2019). Shannon was so wonderful to work with. She answered any of my questions and always kept in touch with me during the adoption process. Diggs, now 2 years old, has been a blessing to our family. He’s super smart and so sweet. We’d definitely adopt another puppy from Finney Ranch. Wonderful experience! Thank you ❤️

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Thank you Finney Ranch for raising our amazing puppy, Bridger! He is now 2 years old and is so sweet and so smart! He was a very well-adjusted puppy and we credit that to how Finney Ranch raises their puppies. They do such a great job holding them and playing with them and exposing them to many noises and experiences on their ranch! They did a great job posting new pictures and updates and communicating through the whole process as we waited to bring our new puppy home! We only wish we could have another Finney Ranch puppy, but sadly our town only allows us to have 2 dogs and we are already at our limit.
His litter name was Hank, from Opal and Porter’s litter.

Jessica M.

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

I am so thankful I heard about Finney Ranch and their beautiful Aussiedoodles. Shannon was an absolute dream to work with when I decided I was ready to bring another dog (or two) into my life. She patiently answered my numerous questions and provided photos and videos to help me select my little family members. She also let me know I was more than welcome to visit the ranch to select my puppies but unfortunately I was not able to make that trip. Motley (merle-colored male out of Ruby and Porter) is 22 lbs of energy and fun. He will play fetch with his toys all day but also loves to cuddle and “talk” to you. Iris (black and white female out of Tilly and Hank) is 23 lbs of sweet and sassy mixed. She prefers to throw her toys down the stairs herself and then go get them. She loves to be on your lap and then lean back in your arms just like a baby. They love everyone they meet and have the best personalities.

​I could not ask for more perfect dogs to fill my days with fun and love. Shannon and all of her family and staff do such an amazing job of raising well socialized and healthy puppies. I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to have Motley and Iris as part of my family along with Kuma (Kris from Opal and Porter’s litter) for my son. He is 49lbs of the perfect companion for Brandon.


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My Finney Ranch pup, Dexter, known as Fondue from Quartz spring litter, is the most exuberant and joyous pup. He loves everyone. Dexter is smart and one of the best natured dogs I have ever had, which I contribute to the breeding done by Finney Ranch.

Donna S.

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

From the time I set eyes on a Finney Ranch pup, I knew I was in love. I watched their IG like a hawk and finally decided that it was time to get a puppy. I called Shannon and she was so helpful and answered all my questions. Got on a list for Peggy and Hank’s litter and our puppy was born Jan 2021. Our family couldn’t wait to bring her home. We used the puppy nanny service and it was so easy. Thank you for flying in a pandemic to bring our baby home to Oregon. We received detailed information in a binder and some fun Finney Ranch swag. Our Finney Ranch pup continues to impress us with her temperment and everyone always stops and asks about our pup. We tell everyone who asks about Finney Ranch. 2 of our neighbors ended up getting Aussiedoodles because of how amazing our pup is. She is gorgeous, great with kids and the best dog we’ve ever owned. Thank you! We will for sure get another pup from Shannon and family and recommend anyone to do the same.

Winnie C.

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

We are so happy with our Finney Ranch pup. From the time we contacted the ranch to pick up and after, the process was smooth. The best part, to me, was the knowledge and time Shannon shared when we came to her with specifics we were looking for. She was honest about what our options were and how she could help us get to the dog we were looking for. And we did get exactly what we wanted. Our pup is sweet natured, happy, and healthy. She was delivered closer to our home near Minneapolis, which made our puppy pick up day so much easier. We were so happy with our dog, the process, and with how much Finney Ranch seems to care for every dog (and pup) that are looking at getting another!

Keegan M.

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

It’s almost been a year since we picked up our little guy at the airport and met Ruthie who was just the sweetest. Now, we will be celebrating the first Christmas with our cute, fluffy, sweet, silly, smart and happy Finney Ranch pup, Tux.

We love him so much and couldn’t be happier! We are constantly receiving compliments on how cute he is, about his coloring/coat, and how smart/well behaved he is. Thank you Finney Ranch for bringing Tux to us – you truly are amazing!

Anastasia & Shane M.