Reservation and Payment

Once you have decided to make one of our puppies a family member, you may make a deposit of $310.00 by PayPal or $300 by Venmo.  A 3% fee (for PayPal) plus tax, will be added.   Deposits are non-refundable, but can be moved to another litter.  If you are a planner and put a deposit down before a female is confirmed pregnant, we will let you pick two females.  Then when they are close to delivery, you will choose which list you would like to remain on.

Once your name is on a reserve list, puppy selection is scheduled when they are between 5-6 weeks old.  We will have sent you many different photos and information on the puppies you are looking at. We start at the top of the reserve list and contact you when it’s your turn.  You may let me know your favorite pups, and we will visit about temperament, size and coat quality at that time. We will also take additional photos comparing your favorites, if you like.

Minnesota State sales tax will be added to your total balance due (including deposit and delivery), which is currently 6.88%.  We DO NOT accept final payment through PayPal.   Preferred payment for balance due is cash or cashier check made to Finney Ranch.   You will receive an invoice the week prior to your puppy coming home.  Please don’t worry if you have not received your invoice, it’s coming!  The last week is spent doing invoices and health records for the whole litter, as well as finishing up deworming and vaccination protocol.  We are very busy the last week before your puppy’s graduation.  Thank you so much for your patience!

Health certificates are required for any puppy crossing state lines.  Our vet charges 40.00 for this service, which will be added to your balance due, if you live in a state other than Minnesota.

Your puppy will be ready to go home at the age of eight weeks old, with some exceptions where he/she may be held to stay with Momma a little longer.

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