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Are you visting our site from Canada and looking for the perfect  Pup? We’ve had plenty of Finney Ranch pups go home to Canada. Learn more HERE about our process!

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Our Puppy Nanny Service

Delivery of our puppies is free if you can pick them up in Grand Forks, Fargo, MSP airport, or Edina (just outside Minneapolis). If you need your puppy to come to you, our team of Puppy Nannies will safely deliver your new family member to your arms. This service has additional fees which include: the Nanny Service fee, the puppy airline ticket, and the cost of the plane ticket for the Nanny.

Aussiedoodle | Aussiedoodle Puppies | Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale
Aussiedoodle | Aussiedoodle Puppies | Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale

What is A Puppy Nanny Service

We offer a puppy nanny service to any new Finney Ranch Family Puppy for those not in the Minneapolis area on Gotcha Day! For a fee, your puppy nanny will fly your furry new family member to the airport closest to you! Your puppy will be escorted with lots of love, safety, and care by our experienced puppy nanny, Ruthie. We also have a few other wonderful nannies available if Ruthie is busy delivering other puppies. Costs of this service varies based on the destination airport. Please read in the “Nanny Service Fees” section for a breakdown of cost.

Aussiedoodle | Aussiedoodle Puppies | Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale

Puppy Nanny Service Fee

  • Nanny Fee – $500
  • Puppy Airline Ticket – $125
  • Nanny Airline Ticket – TBD
*The cost of airfare will vary depending on the airline, time of booking, and time of delivery. All tickets must be booked round trip from FARGO (FAR) airport or MINNEAPOLIS (MSP) to your nearest city airport
Aussiedoodle | Aussiedoodle Puppies | Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale

Facts & Info

  • Your puppy will fly in the cabin with your nanny. All of your puppy papers (vaccination records and important information will be provided in your personalized puppy folder, handed to you when you get your furry family member.
  • We fly our puppies only on DELTA & AMERICAN airlines. Not all airlines have policies that allow us to fly with pets nor do some hold a standard of care we require for your nanny and puppy to fly.
  • The most direct flights will be required for delivery. While less expensive fares may be appealing, it’s important for both the puppy and your nanny to fly the most expedient and direct flight to and from your destination.
  • You are welcome to use miles to purchase the ticket for your new puppy and your nanny.
  • Nanny Service Fee: This fee is for your nanny’s time and meals while flying with your new puppy.
  • Puppy Airline Ticket Fee: Charged By Airlines For Puppy to Travel In Cabin (we do not fly them in cargo). *Please note this fee is subject to change as the airlines change their fares.
  • We encourage you to fill out a reservation form within 48 hours of selecting your new puppy if you are interested in this service