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May 17, 2018

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great Maximus is doing. I have to tell you that he is absolutely one of the most beautiful doodles that I have ever seen.

We are stopped constantly and asked about him. His face has the sweetest expressions and my girl just adores him. I have never had one day of regret about getting a second dog.

Please keep up the great work!
The Podlasek’s


May 17. 2018

We just wanted to leave a comment to let you and future owners know how happy we are with our little Eli.

From the second we picked him out we started to receive updates on how he was doing as well as pictures. This allowed us to bond with him even before we got to pick him up. By the time he was ready to come home we were already in love with him. We are lucky to live in Manitoba so we were able to drive and pick him up. At pick up Shannon gave us all we would need to get started and answered all of our questions. Once we brought him home it was evident on how well he was socialized. He quickly bonded with our older dog and loves to say hi to everyone we pass.

He is doing great now. He is basically potty trained. Learns knee commands quickly. Loves everyone and everything. He is constantly making us laugh. Eli has been everything we could have hoped for.

Ashley and Gary


May 24, 2018

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share my experience with Finney Ranch, more specifically, Shannon. She has been beyond wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable and does a fabulous job with raising these puppies! She is always willing to share her knowledge. Being first time puppy owners, we had a lot of questions and she was more than willing to answer all of them. Harley, our little pup, is energetic, spunky, and rather smart! Her new favorite thing to do is to sit outside and watch all the neighborhood kids run around. She calmly sits there and just observes. It is very apparent she has been well-socialized amongst children. Her markings are beautiful, we are constantly being stopped asking what kind of dog she is and where we got her from. Her coat does shed a little bit, but brushing frequently has helped minimize this issue. I have also found the puppy coat can tend to shed more than the adult coat. Even though she sheds a little bit my allergies have not been triggered. We are so happy we went with an Aussiedoodle! She is the perfect addition to our family! Thank you Finney Ranch!

~Kristina & Sean


June 5, 2018

Hi Doodle lovers! Writing a review for Shannon and Finney Ranch is my pleasure as we couldn’t be more happy with our pup, Dundee! Shannon was knowledgeable, approachable and so very kind! She took the time to help answer our questions and provided us with advice before and after receiving our puppy. Living in southern MN we were unable to meet Dundee in person however we felt like we knew him from all the pictures and videos Shannon would send us! Shannon made drop off a breeze and went out of her way to meet us at our convenience. Dundee is such a good puppy! He loves people, other animals and children. He’s quick to learn and well behaved at 4 months! This couldn’t have been a better experience!

Morgan and Ryan


April 17, 2019

I cannot say enough about Shannon! She is the kindest person and made our puppy experience so wonderful! She was always available to answer any questions that we may have had. As we were bringing Ruth into Canada, we had to ensure we had all the proper documentation. Shannon went above and beyond to make sure we wouldn’t have any issues crossing the border.

We felt so included throughout the entire process. From the moment we registering for the waiting list, to the day that we picked up Ruth, Shannon was in constant communication with us. Even though Ruth stole our hearts right from the beginning, Shannon provided us with all the information we needed to know we were making the right choice.

We are so lucky to have our little Ruth in our lives and we are so thankful for Finney Ranch! Finney Ranch gave Ruth her name and it just fit her so perfectly we had to keep it!

Katie Mullins


July 26, 2018

If I could give the Finney Ranch 10 stars I would. Shannon was so very helpful during the puppy search process, and the outcome was absolutely perfect for our little family. We have the most amazing aussiedoodle ever. He is so calm, too smart for his own good, gets along with every human and animal he meets, and loves like there is no tomorrow. We give the Finney Ranch our absolute highest recommendation. Thanks again to Shannon and the entire family at the Finney Ranch!!! We love our fur baby.

Resha Bastian


February 7, 2019

We’re so happy we got our handsome, sweet puppy from the loving family at the Finney Ranch. Shannon is very knowledgeable and prompt to answering any questions I had. If you’re wanting a healthy and happy puppy definitely check out the cutest puppies at the Finney Ranch!

Amber Christopher


July 22, 2018

We adopted an amazing aussiedoodle puppy from Finney Ranch recently. “Boomer” has been an amazing addition to our family. He’s the sweetest, calmest, little fellow, perfectly socialized by the amazing folks at Finney Ranch. I give Finney Ranch my highest, most enthusiastic recommendation. Their pups are the best!

Kelly Albee


March 15, 2019

I cannot say enough great things about this woman, her ranch, and her family. I initially chose Finney Ranch over other breeders because I loved the idea that my puppy would have a farm to grow up on for the first 8 weeks of life, and that he would be getting so much attention from the Finney family! I have been planning this day for the past 5 months with Shannon and I can’t believe it’s finally come! She has been so patient with me with answering ALL of my questions and has kept me updated through the entire process. Even though this is the first time I’ve met my puppy I feel like I already knew him. I know that any question I have from here on out that I am welcome to reach out to Shannon and ask … and she knows I will! Thank you thank you thank you!

Christina Dennis


March 28, 2019

Wow….The Finneys have you ever met someone and felt that connection? A comfy family feeling? Like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winters day. That is how I would describe Finney Ranch! All the way around Shannon is the best. She keeps you informed throughout the entire process of getting your new fur baby home! And it doesn’t end there, Shannon will keep in contact with you if you have any questions about your little guy or girl. She also loves for you to say hello and share a photo of your new baby🐶 I haven’t had the chance to meet all the Finney’s but I have a hunch I will someday. Until then, thanks to Shannon, Hope & Gil 🐶💙
Bert, Tammy and Finley


March 31, 2019

It was so easy to work with Shannon at Finney Ranch. She answered all of our questions and made sure we would get the puppy of our dreams. We are so happy with our fearless little boy! Thank you!

Samantha Jahnke


September 12, 2018

What an excellent experience we had working with Shannon & getting our new puppy. Shannon was very patient and thorough in answering all of our questions and offering her experiences and advice. We are thrilled with our pup who is social, playful and sweet…so lucky we discovered this place through a friend! 😊

Melonie Robran


May 3, 2019

YES YES YES YES. Although we got our puppy Dennis from her sister, she was such a help throughout the whole process!! We originally were going to get one from her but then switched to her sisters litter after she said that they all get the same care and love!! That’s something that stands out with Finney ranch! They love beyond compare! If you want a dog, get them from here!! Such nice people and would do anything to help you out. Our little boy is so well socialized and was already potty trained when we got him! So smart Aussiedoodle | Aussiedoodle Puppies | Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale follow him on Instagram @dennis_the_dood

Kate Giesen


February 8, 2019

From first finding Finney Ranch and talking to Shannon, I knew this was the Breeder I had been looking for! It took two years to find the perfect one. I had a two year old labradoodle and she needed a sister after we lost our two Aussies and a Briard. All within a few months. 😞 after many texts and talking to Shannon @ Finney Ranch, I had no doubt that I had found an amazing breeder. The only concern was that we lived a few states away. Shannon assured me that my puppy would be safe and have the least amount of travel time by sending her in cargo through delta.
She was right! A very long car ride vs. a very short flight. She arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed…the perfect little Aussie tail. I can not express how much joy this puppy has brought into our life. She had been a dream to train, smart as a whip! And she is gorgeous to boot 💝

Jan Wechter


October 27, 2018

Just received my mini Aussiedoddle which I have decided to name Finney! She is precious. There was a slight delay on Deltas part but everything went smooth and a sweet gorgeous puppy was safely delivered to a very excited 8 yr old!!

Nan Gore