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Finney Ranch: Breeding Happiness, One Aussiedoodle Puppy at a Time.

Licensed Dog Breeder #MN 173456

Are you visting our site from Canada and looking for the perfect  Pup? We’ve had plenty of Finney Ranch pups go home to Canada. Learn more HERE about our process!

Who Are We

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Welcome to Finney Ranch, a family-run operation specializing in cattle and aussiedoodles.

Erik, the dedicated rancher, takes pride in raising healthy and well-cared-for cattle, ensuring they thrive in their natural environment. Shannon, on the other hand, is passionate about breeding high-quality aussiedoodle puppies. With years of experience, she carefully selects the best parent dogs to produce litters that are intelligent, affectionate, and adaptable.

Family is at the heart of Finney Ranch, with Erik and Shannon raising their eight children with the same values and work ethic that drives their ranching and breeding endeavors. Their love for their extended family is evident as they eagerly welcome and celebrate their two grandchildren, with two more on the way.

At Finney Ranch, their children grew up learning the importance of responsibility, compassion, and respect for animals. They actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the ranch, creating a tight-knit family unit that is deeply connected to every aspect of the business.

With their commitment to excellence and profound love for what they do, Erik, Shannon, and their growing family are dedicated to providing top-notch care and service to each aussiedoodle puppy their raise.

Our Pack

aussiedoodle puppies

Our Aussiedoodle Puppies Are Family!

aussiedoodle puppies

Our Standards


Our aussiedoodle puppies are part of our family. We pride ourselves on affection we show all our animals on our family ranch! When it comes to raising our puppies, we follow “The Rule of 7” created by Pat Schaap. Learn more about that by clicking here.


Our aussiedoodle puppies receive the best health care from birth until they are in your arms. Being raised on a family ranch, our puppies interact with our adults, kids, grandkids, our family pets, cattle, and horses.


After your aussiedoodle puppy comes home with you, we are still here to answer any and all puppy questions you may have.

We also have an exclusive training website you will be invited to prior to bringing home your new Finney Ranch puppy!

How It Works

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale
aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

Reservation Form & Deposit

Fill out our Reservation Form! Here you will make your first and second reserve list choices. After filling it out, please make your $300 deposit via Venmo. Links to payments are on the Reservation Form page.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferrable for up to two years. You will not be placed on a list until your deposit is received.

*Your deposit also grants you access to our exclusive training website*

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

Selecting Your Finney Ranch Pup

Wait for the announcement of the due date for your chosen litter! We notify our Finney Ranch Pup Family via announcements through our Instagram and Facebook pages.

You will also be contacted via email to confirm if you would like to remain on your selected list during the third-week mark. You can keep up to date with the Reserve List here. 

Wait for Selection Day! We will post weekly photos and some videos as your litter grows! We begin selection at week 5.

We will reach out to you through social media, email, or phone call/text! So stay tuned!

aussiedoodle | aussiedoodle puppies | aussiedoodle puppies for sale

Yay! Your Finney Ranch Pup Is Coming Home!

This happens when your puppies are eight weeks old. When the time gets closer, stay tuned for in-person meeting information. We will drive your puppy to the Twin Cities, Grand Forks, and Fargo so you don’t have to travel all the way up to the Ranch.
You are more than welcome come to our home to if you’d like!! We absolutely love visitors!